Disclaimer: I’m a web3 newbie and have cobbled enough knowledge for this project but may not have all the terminology or concepts correct. Feel free to leave a comment with any additional insight or corrections. I’ve created this article to help those that like me, may have considered doing this but thought it was too difficult.

Back in 2018 I wrote about the prospects of a rising movement towards a decentralized web. I was excited but new it was early days with much work ahead before it could become a reality. A little over 3 years later I have created…

Over the years I’ve dabbled a little bit testing out crypto related technologies. Specifically the concept of the blockchain with a public and decentralized ledger was interesting. The thought of this technology making it possible to save data in a way that could be permanent and persist outside of a centralized walled garden was very intriguing to me.

I currently host my websites using a provider and the data storage is centralized on their servers. I recently registered krynsky.eth and have begun doing research on being able to create a website that could be hosted using decentralized data using IPFS…

I believe the new digital legacy program was the most significant new iCloud feature announced. Apple now finally allows people to designate a legacy contact to access their iCloud data after they die. I've un-packed quite a bit more detail regarding this over at my Medium.

Today Apple had their annual World Wide Developers Conference event which was streamed live. One of the many announcements included the launch of a new digital legacy feature as one of several as part of the newly named iCloud+ service that will carry the same pricing.

It’s great that Apple chose to use “digital legacy” as the feature name continuing to add awareness and solidify the term to the lexicon. You can view the short announcement in the video below which takes you directly to it from the event.

Digital legacy section starts at 17:19 if video doesn’t start at…

As we continue to produce vast amounts of digital data, most people have never planned for how that data will exist after they are long gone. Lack of this planning may seem like a personal decision, but it can have major implications for our families and friends. A University of British Columbia research study looked into ways that people could control how their personal data is passed along after they die and what types of tools could be developed to do so.

“As someone growing up completely in the digital revolution, all the memories captured of my life are stored…

I have several credit cards that I try to optimize to get the best rewards depending on the type of purchase I need to make. For example different cards may give you 1, 3, or even 5 reward points when you used them at a restaurant. Keeping track of which card to use depending on which type of purchase you are making to maximize points is a pain.

I can sympathize with Paul

…and Matt

Maximizing points is work but the benefits from doing this can be immense. Go listen to Chris Hutchins new podcast All the Hacks

I have read many articles on ways to prepare a digital legacy and this Wall Journal article What to Do Before You Die: A Tech Checklist, written recently by Joanna Stern is one of the best and most comprehensive. She was partly motivated to write it by her personal experience helping her Mother through the process. The article goes through a thorough checklist of steps you can take to protect your personal data after you die. You can also find a checklist from the article provided in this handy PDF.

The article was actually conceived during Joanna’s filming of a…

I’ve been watching the advancements being made with the block editor (aka Gutenberg) ever since it’s initial release in WordPress 5.0 and wondering how useful it would become. Here we are at version 5.5 almost 2 years after it’s release and things are stabilizing and 3rd parties are extending its functionality in great ways.

The evolution and power provided by the new block editor made me re-think my current stack of using a premium theme + a page builder for my websites. I’ve always found it a bit clunky to define theme settings and then use page builders which may…

Couldn’t find a fancy relevant stock image so just a photo of me hiking with a friend.

Over the last few weeks I continue to see signs in media I’m consuming that seem to be whispering in my ear the reminder of actions I should take towards making life simpler and increasing my happiness. I’m not a hard-core minimalist but love trying to simplify and optimize processes and time.

I listened to Joe Rogan interview Elon Musk (at 18:52)where he asked him about his recent announcement to sell most of his possessions. While I didn’t take a radical approach, I started a long process of shrinking the number of possessions I own almost 10 years ago. …

My selfie converted to a classical painting using AI Gahaku

Last year I came across an interesting project where a site would take your selfie and then use AI to change it to appear as a painting created by a classical masters. Unfortunately the site was taken down before I was able to try it out and ever since I remained on the lookout for a similar project. Recently I came across two new apps that have now offered similar functionality that I decided to try.

AI Gahaku

This is a website that will let you upload a photo and then choose which classical artist style you want to apply to generate…

Mark Krynsky

I blog about personal data preservation & digital legacy at digitallegacymanagement.com and other topics at krynsky.com

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