A Guide for How to build and host a .ETH website using IPFS on ENS

Disclaimer: I’m a web3 newbie and have cobbled enough knowledge for this project but may not have all the terminology or concepts correct. Feel free to leave a comment with any additional insight or corrections. I’ve created this article to help those that like me, may have considered doing this but thought it was too difficult.

Here’s the site viewable at krynsky.eth.limo
  • You need to have or buy Ethereum on Coinbase or other market and have about ~$50-$100 dollars worth to register your name (5+ character) depending on current Ethereum gas prices and how many years you want to register the name for.
  • You then need to move your Ethereum to a wallet. Metamask is one of the most popular wallets with an extension for most browsers.
  • Now you are ready to register your .eth name. Look no further than this step-by-step guide from Brantly Millegan which is what I used to register mine. His guide assumes you are using a Metamask enabled browser although the guide could be used with any browser that supports an Ethereum wallet.
My ENS record for krynsky.eth
  • So here are the steps:
  • Setup a Github repository for your site
  • Sign up for Fleek
  • Then you want to follow the steps to create a new site. It’s a pretty straightforward process and they have clear documentation but basically you will connect with Github, choose your repository, and deploy to IPFS.
  • At that point you should be able to see your site hosted on their service address and IPFS hash. Here’s mine.
  • Now you just need to setup the reference to your .eth name. To do this you need to configure the IPFS hash on ENS for your name but they provide a wizard to do this and great documentation for you and make it seamless. Note: you will also need to pay an Ethereum gas fee for this configuration.
  • After that process and propagation is completed you should be able to see your site resolve to your name. However, most browsers won’t resolve krynsky.eth and there is a workaround to append .link for your site to resolve a .eth name but it hasn’t been reliable for me and I found that the eth.limo alternative (hat tip to Validator) works much better.
  • That’s it! You should now be able to view your site. Min site can be viewed at krynsky.eth.limo
My fleek dashboard for krynsky.eth

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