A Guide for How to build and host a .ETH website using IPFS on ENS

Disclaimer: I’m a web3 newbie and have cobbled enough knowledge for this project but may not have all the terminology or concepts correct. Feel free to leave a comment with any additional insight or corrections. I’ve created this article to help those that like me, may have considered doing this but thought it was too difficult.

Here’s the site viewable at krynsky.eth.limo

Back in 2018 I wrote about the prospects of a rising movement towards a decentralized web. I was excited but new it was early days with much work ahead before it could become a reality. A little over 3 years later I have created a decentralized website using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) on ENS (a decentralized naming service). I went down a huge rabbit hole and it took me a while to figure out how to do this. I wanted to provide the details for others to avoid my pitfalls and and follow a simple path.

I recently registered krynsky.eth using ENS (Ethereum Name Service). At first I thought registering my .eth name was just a domain I would use to host my decentralized website but actually it’s much more than that. I began to learn about all the things a .eth name could be used for. It was at this point I realized how little I knew about web3 and how much I still needed to learn.

Having a .eth address provides you a global username across all web3 services. Sure you can use it as a “domain name” to host a website but it can also be used as an Ethereum wallet address, a way to globally manage your pfp (profile picture) across all web3 services and in the future much more. A .eth name is actually an NFT! that appears in your OpenSea account. But I digress…

This post focuses on giving you the basic information to point your .eth name to a website using IPFS. In doing my research for this I learned about many of the basic building blocks to achieve this manually but my goal was to keep this process simple using no-code / low-code methods.

Prerequisites & Steps

My ENS record for krynsky.eth
My fleek dashboard for krynsky.eth

Hopefully this guide helped you. Please leave any questions in the comments. I also welcome any feedback to clarify things. I’m extremely excited by all the prospects I’m beginning to comprehend as it relates to web3 and this new internet so many people are now working towards. I plan to continue my path of curiosity and learning to try and contribute to its mission.

Originally published at https://krynsky.com.



I blog about personal data preservation & digital legacy at digitallegacymanagement.com and other topics at krynsky.com

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