Apple Announces iCloud+ with new Digital Legacy Feature

Digital legacy section starts at 17:19 if video doesn’t start at that time.
Screenshot of Apple’s digital legacy setup and access features on mobile
Screenshot of Apple’s digital legacy options for accessing data
  • Access granularity or whether you can select different services for different legacy contacts is not clear. Only buttons showing Web and Apple Device access are shown for all services.
  • You will have access to view data granted to you on and have the ability to download the data
  • You can also restore icloud backup data to an iOS or iPadOS device as well as on a Mac.
  • Access is not granted to payment information, subscriptions, licensed media, or Keychain. This access may not be available to designate to any legacy contacts but this is not clear.
  • Access is limited for a specific period of time with a deadline date for when all data will be permanently deleted
Digital legacy details provided in the Mac OS Monterey preview announcement



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