Turn your Selfie into a Classic Portrait Using AI

Mark Krynsky
2 min readApr 27, 2020
My selfie converted to a classical painting using AI Gahaku

Last year I came across an interesting project where a site would take your selfie and then use AI to change it to appear as a painting created by a classical masters. Unfortunately the site was taken down before I was able to try it out and ever since I remained on the lookout for a similar project. Recently I came across two new apps that have now offered similar functionality that I decided to try.

AI Gahaku

This is a website that will let you upload a photo and then choose which classical artist style you want to apply to generate your selfie masterpiece. After the conversion is completed you can save share the image on social media or even import your image to Animal Crossing. Below you can see the results of my conversion. You can learn more about the project and review many people’s conversions here.

Google Arts & Culture

This is an app that I already had which is handy to view and learn about art history as well as use when travelling to find museums near your current location. However I was surprised to learn that they had added a new feature allowing you to apply the characteristics of well-known paintings to your own images.

Start by downloading the free app for iOS or Android. Then when you open the app click on the camera icon in the bottom of the app. You will then be presented with the “Art Transfer” option that provides this feature. You can then apply more than 20 classical pieces of art to transform your photo. You can also save your image as a gif which shows the transformation.

They also have other experimental features such as one that will take your selfie and try to match it to classical portraits that look like you which is fun as well. You can learn more about the project here.

Originally published at krynsky.com on 4/26/2020



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